Blue light skincare: During and Post-lockdown

December 17, 2020

Blue light skincare: During and Post-lockdown

What is blue light?

: Visible light with a wave length between 400 and 450 nanometers (nm). Blue light is perceived as blue in color but it may be perceived as white or another color.


How lockdown and blue light are related?

: According to the study 1), usage of internet has been increased from 40% to 100% across the world this year compared to pre-lockdown levels. It results in increased blue light emitting we have from the electronic devices from to spend our time, to study, to communicate and to work.

What is the matter of blue light to the skin?

: Since blue light has more energy than other colors in the visible light, it may affect to the epidermal skin cell's bio-clock. The cell is disturbed on repairing and maintenancing normal skin 2).

Blue light emission also causes free-radical production, DNA damage and inflammatory mediators with deleterious effects that could potentially increase overall skin damage over time and ultimately accelerate aging 2).


What is the blue light skincare?

There are two mechanisms that help protect your skin from blue light.

-Ingredients that block or absorb blue light instead of your skin: Broad-spectrum sunscreen (mineral or combination) which covers UVA, UVB and also blue light.
-Ingredients that powerful anti-oxidant effects: Vitamin A,B3,C,E and other plant derivatives including ectoin, glutathione, resveratrol.
-Tagetes erecta flower extract: This plant based lutein rich ingredient has both roles, blue-light filter and anti-oxidant.



1) Impact of digital surge during Covid-19 pandemic: A viewpoint on research and practice.International Journal of Information Management (9 June, 2020)

2) Blue light disrupts the circadian rhythm and create damage in skin cells. Int J Cosmet Sci. (Dec, 2019)

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