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Linoleic acid: Best friend for acne-prone/ skin inflammation

February 18, 2021

Linoleic acid: Best friend for acne-prone/ skin inflammation

What is Linoleic Acid?

Linoleic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) helps produce ceramide in the skin, which is one of the main component of skin lipids. This helps keep skin barrier healthy potential irritants out.

What are the benefits of Linoleic Acid?

-Support healthy skin barrier: Produce Ceramide1 which promotes healthy skin barrier function.
-Help reduce acne: When Linoleic acid is deficient in skin, Oleic acid is oversupplied that makes thick and sticky sebum, clogs pores and causes acne.
-Help retain moisture in skin: Linoleic acid is easily absorbed and supports skin moisture level without clogging pores.

Oils rich in Linoleic acid

Safflower oil: 78%
Grape seed oil: 73%
Poppyseed oil: 70%
Sunflower oil: 68%
Hemp seed oil: 60%
Corn oil: 59%
Wheat germ oil: 55%
Cotton seed oil: 54%
Soybean oil: 51%
Walnut oil: 51%
Sesame oil: 45%
Rice bran oil: 39%
Canola oil: 21%
Linseed oil: 15%

When you decide skincare products

Try the oils on the list above if you have acne-prone skin or/and inflammation easily. Although the fatty acid profiles are not the only thing to look at but it’s a great place to start. 

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